Are You Ever Ready?

Old TypewriterTo be honest, I’m not sure how to start this post. Let’s just start with the biggest news of the day, shall we? Troy Polamalu retired last night. I always tell people (and I will continue to tell people) that while you may have been impressed with Polamalu watching him on TV, it was nothing like watching him from the stands. The tickets I used to have were three rows up in the north end zone at Heinz Field. From there, you really appreciate how fast those guys really move. In my mind, Troy was the fastest man to the football I’ve ever seen play. He was a blur when he committed to a direction. A force of nature. I shouldn’t talk about him like he’s passed. The man himself is still alive and, by all accounts, still has his health and a great family. His football career has passed, however, and there will never be another one like it.

I was very sad to learn that Geoffrey Lewis passed away two days ago. I’m a huge fan of Every Which Way But Loose, and I especially loved Orville. I related to him in certain ways. Possibly because, in a lot of ways growing up, I was a sidekick. And, let’s face it, Orville is an important cog in Philo’s machine. He sets up all his fights, keeps him grounded, cheers for him. Geoffrey Lewis has 219 credits on IMDB, so his career certainly isn’t defined by a guy who turned his hat around when trouble started, but Orville will always be my favorite. RIP Orville. Hope the pecan pie is good up there.

Geoffrey Lewis (and now Eddie Aiona) passing away has me thinking about how much time we have left with Clint Eastwood. The man is a genius, and the fact that he can still direct powerful films even as he approaches his 85th birthday is a huge inspiration. Is it morbid, to wonder about death that way? I don’t know. Before my Grandpa passed five (FIVE???) years ago, I used to wonder how long he had left. My parents and I would discuss it when we talked on the phone. Not every time, obviously, but some of the time. I think everyone does it, don’t we? There is a time limit on everything. Our careers, our passions, our hobbies, and our lives. There are only so many heartbeats. The cliche here is to say “make the most of them” or some such thing, but that’s not me. Have a great Friday.

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