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Old TypewriterSince January of 2014, I’ve lost pretty close to sixty pounds. Why would you want to do that you ask? For years I wanted to get involved with high school football officiating. I love the game so much I wanted to do anything I could in order to get involved with it. And being on the field? How could it get any better?

My first game was at a high school near my house. It was a junior varsity game in August on an artificial field that felt like the surface of the sun. I wanted to get there early and have plenty of time to prepare myself for the onslaught to come. Of course, having never been to the school before, I had try and find the field, where to park, dress, etc. I was there early, but I went into the wrong parking lot and couldn’t find a way to get down to the stadium. The school grounds were like a maze. I made the fatal decision of going back onto the road. LA traffic worked her magic. I was stuck in a line of cars waiting to get on the freeway. I couldn’t get turned around, and my half hour early became a rushed arrival where I jogged up looking for the dressing room. The other officials came out with a sort of bemused “who is this fat guy” look on their faces. I ran in and dressed as quick as I could. I was so nervous, I don’t think I saw the first dozen or so plays. All I knew was that these kids were moving awfully fast…and I was out of breath and sweating almost instantly. Near the end of the first half, this little butterball kid rolls up to me, smiles, and says “looking a little peaked there ref”. That was the end of thinking I was just destined to be a fat guy. If I wanted to do this officiating thing, which despite my nerves and not being able to “see” anything, I loved, I had to get into shape.

Fast forward to January of last year. I started working out with a trainer. He’s tough, but fair, and he gave me the drive to workout. Well, mostly he has a presence that makes you not want to disappoint him, and that made me start working out. Think of your Dad giving you that look when you knew you were doing something wrong. Now you’ve got it. Starting exercise was good, but it just wasn’t enough. So, I went on a strict no sugar for six days, eat anything I want the seventh day diet. If God can rest on Sunday, I can eat what I want on Saturday. Wait…what? Anyway, it worked. Forty pounds melted off by my birthday.

Like anything else, when you do something over and over again for months, you get tired of it. I decided I’d just start counting calories. Everything I ate went into a food log. I didn’t try to cut back on anything specific, I just kept my number at a reasonable level. The app I use has a setting where you can tell it ‘I want to weigh this much by this date’, so I used that calorie count as a guidepost. Now I found myself working out because it upped the amount of calories I could eat. You want a little candy, tubby? Get out there and run the hill. Twenty more pounds gone. That’s sixty in a year, and I was pretty happy about it.

This year, however, has been a different story. I keep hovering around the same weight. That’s amazing if I just want to maintain my loss, but I want to lose another twenty. I don’t think I’m cut out to be the guy with the shredded abs and the McNugget side muscles (you know what I’m talking about), but I want to be lean. I’m not fat anymore, but I’m not lean, either. I’m kind of in the middle…and I hate being in the middle. So, I’m back off sugar six days a week. I started Monday morning. Don’t worry, I’ve already started writing down all the things I want to eat on Saturday. That’s the great part about the cheat day…it lets you dream of happier days ahead. Anyone have any suggestions?

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