Biphasic Sleep Day 1

Old TypewriterI‘ve decided that I’m not productive enough. I mean, I do okay and get things done, but I’ve been sleeping more than usual of late and it’s time for that to stop. I’m taking some steps to up my productivity in 2015, and one of those is to alter my sleep schedule.

I’ve always been sort of an early riser. It didn’t matter what I did the night before or how late I stayed out, if I needed to get up for work, I would. When I lived in Chicago, we’d go hard until two or three in the morning and there I’d be at seven, sitting at my desk ready for work. Now that I work from home every day, I don’t really have to worry about it. It’s not that far from my bed to my office. I’ve started sleeping right up until a few minutes before seven, though, and going to bed around 10:30 or 11:00. Way more sleep than I need. Yesterday, I decided to change all that.

I did some research on polyphasic sleep, and decided I can’t handle doing something like Uberman. I don’t need a lot of sleep, but I can’t handle just napping for twenty minutes every four hours. Five hours of core sleep then a nap in the afternoon, though? (Biphasic…see how I did that? lol) That I think I can handle. Last night, I went to bed at midnight. I woke up at five this morning. This afternoon, I’ll grab a nap. It’ll either be twenty or ninety minutes. I figure I’ll crawl into bed and set the alarm for ninety minutes and if I get up before it goes off, so be it. Tonight, I’ll go back to bed around midnight. This way, I get the benefits of being a night owl AND an early riser. Of course, there’s a nap in the middle of the day, but that’s okay. I’m happy to embrace the siesta lifestyle. This morning I woke up feeling great. Showered, shaved, made my coffee, and I’m typing this post at six o’clock. Not a bad start.

As for the author stuff, I’m still digging through revisions on Snuffer’s Decision. I’ve started putting words on the page for Pacific Horde again, and pecking away at a couple of screenplay projects. I’m afraid the audio release for Tempted has been delayed. I hadn’t heard from my producer since November, so I reached out to ACX and terminated the contract. I’ve offered the job to an amazingly talented friend I have out here. He’s supposed to get back to me this week. If not, then we’re back to the drawing board on trying to find a narrator. I’ve got a couple of people lined up I’ll offer the project, though, if my friend can’t do it for one reason or another. I hope he can. It’ll be fun to work with him. I’m going to try and make a few more updates to the website in the coming days such as getting my blog post listing onto the front page as well as implementing a store (not sure about that one…we’ll see). Would be nice to have a little members area too where I can share free fiction and hand out copies of the audio books. We’ll see….but watch this space for changes…

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