Old TypewriterOnce I finished Tempted, I realized actually writing the book wasn’t anywhere near the hardest part about getting it on the market. Sure, like most writers, I was convinced everything about it was awful as I slogged toward the finish. The characters seemed flat, the plot boring, and the whole book looked to me like something that should never see the light of day. Fortunately I have a couple of great beta readers. They told me they liked my story.

I’d read a bunch of notes and details about how to write a sales blurb, but as usual, actually sitting down and putting something on paper proved more challenging than the research made it look. My first two attempts sucked. They were so awful that I enlisted the help of my screenwriting partner to punch it up. We did a serviceable job, and that blurb ran with the book for a while. I also asked my editor to help me out, and she sent me a great one. That’s the one on Amazon now (or it will be once the update cycle completes on their side). Tracie and I are prepping some copies to go out for review, but other than my Goodreads giveaways, I think I’ve reached a point now where I really need to put that book behind me. The great thing about the new publishing model is that books live forever. I don’t have to worry about selling through before it goes out of print. It won’t go out of print. I need to put my focus on turning out more product. That, as much as any other factor, is what sells books…

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