Goodreads Advertising and Giveaways

Old TypewriterFor the last couple of days, I’ve been running some advertisements for Tempted on Goodreads in an attempt to drum up interest. I want to connect with readers, and Goodreads is a thriving community of people who love books. I’ve read tons of advice on how to market your book over the last few weeks. Goodreads advertising is a pay-per-click model. I pay around twenty cents when someone clicks on one of my ads (it’s a number you can set yourself…you bid on the amount to pay per click and that impacts how visible they make your ads). So far, it seems okay. My ads have been seen by ~27.000 people and of those, fourteen souls have clicked on it. According to the site, that’s a decent conversion rate. Doesn’t seem like much, though, does it? Especially since, out of those fourteen people who clicked, only one added it to their “to-read” shelf.

I’ve also started what Goodreads calls a “giveaway” where I’ll be providing an autographed copy of Tempted to a winner selected by Goodreads. The giveaway campaign started last night and, as of this writing, 31 people have added it to their bookshelf. The contest lasts ten days, so I’ll do another post with the final numbers when they’re available. I spoke to Mikel (my illustrator) the other day and I’m going to send a few copies to him for autograph as well. If nothing else, we’ll have some fun with it.

Okay, enough about advertising. The next post will be writing and craft oriented, I promise. I’m knee deep in creating an outline for my western and I’ve definitely got some thoughts on the process…

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