The Initiatum

Old TypewriterA short post this morning, just to get something out there and a jump start on the weekend. I pledged to not write about writing in my blog too much, and I’m fully committed to keeping that promise, but I wanted to announce a couple of things writing related.

First, I have given away another autographed copy of Tempted. An email has been sent to the lucky winner so I can ship out the signed book. I’m giving every 50th person who signs up for my mailing list a free autographed copy, so if you’re not on the list, scroll down to the bottom of this post and hit the link!

Also, I am starting up a list of advanced/beta readers I’m going to call “The Initiatum”. I promise it’s not a cult. I realize that’s said in every cult in the world, probably right around the time they hand you the introductory literature with details about the newest craze in time travel or cosmic expansion. This time, though, it’s true! Promise. Readers and reviewers are the life blood of an indie author, and I’m always looking for feedback on my latest project. If you’d like to be a part of that process, just drop me a line at You’ll get the newest copy of my WIP, Snuffer’s Decision. Also, the audiobook for Tempted is nearing completion, and I’ll be looking to send out some free copies of that as well in order to get feedback and then, once it goes live, reviews. I only need a handful of people, so if you want in…reach out!

That’s pretty much it for today. Apologies for the fact that there’s no real topic other than an appeal to the masses for assistance. Have a great Friday.

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