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Old TypewriterI know what happened. Or, at least I think I know what happened. I said I was going to blog less, write more. Once a week at the most. Then, I got stuck in the word mines, churning out content, and the rest of May vanished. I’ve been wading through revisions on Snuffer’s Decision and started a new project under a totally different pen name. I’m shelving Pacific Horde for now. I’ll come back to it, because I love that book, but it’ll be a while. June has been a great month for words, and I’m committed to gluing my butt to the chair and keeping this momentum. I’ll be releasing a short story to my mailing list in the next couple of weeks. It won’t be available anywhere else, and won’t go up for sale until after the release of Snuffer’s Decision, but if you’re on the list, you’ll get an early look.

In order to keep building excitement for the new novel, I thought I’d take a minute this morning and release the map to the western region of Novotera.

Novotera Map

Hope you enjoy it. My cartographer is a wonderfully talented guy. Have a good weekend everyone.

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