The Pursuit of Excellence

Old TypewriterIf you came here looking for pictures of tomato plants, I’m afraid your morning is going to be a disappointment. This is one of those deals where I meant to take them, I thought about taking them, but then I realized it’s dark outside and I don’t have any pictures of plants. Sorry about that. I’ll post some up soon, though. I like to use photographs to measure progress on my garden, so I’ll certainly get some. It’s just been a busy couple of days. It just seems like a great idea to start a blog post titled “The Pursuit of Excellence” with failure. Gives that warm and fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it?

I went to a rules meeting (I’m a football official in my spare time) last night and listened to an NFL referee talk. It was a great hour long presentation, and there are a lot of things I wrote down to try and take away from it, but I wanted to touch upon one very important he said in this blog. “Excellence is not an event. Excellence is the repeated occurrence of excellence.” It really hit home for me. I chase excellence in a lot of areas in my life. The day job, my writing, officiating…these are all places where I want to be the absolute best I can be. I want to be the guy at work and on the field that people want to be a part of their team. What I realized last night, though, is that consistency might be the most important aspect of that pursuit. If you do exceptionally well one time, you’re a fluke, right? If you do it exceptionally well every day, now you’re moving into the category of excellence. Something to think about anyway. That and the fact that I haven’t been studying my rule books enough so far this spring. Camps and then the season are just around the corner. I’m working a game on Saturday, so I need to get it together very soon. The tests are coming…and the college test is no cakewalk.

I know you’re all waiting with baited breath to hear, so I won’t make you wait any longer. Still no rat. Trap has been set with the most delicious chunky peanut butter ever (which I can’t even eat because of the sugar in it), and he’s still holding out. To be fair, I’m not actually sure he’s still alive (a rat is a male pronoun, definitely). He did eat half my grill brush and I’m not sure anything could have survived ingesting all that wire. But, it IS a rat, after all, so who knows?

New short story is nearly finished, should be off to the editor by end of the week. When I get it back, it will go out to my mailing list for free (everybody gets this one) and then up on the various locations for sale. I’ll make an announcement, I suppose. I don’t want this blog to become a sales pitch, or even feel like one. It’s just my ramblings…and that’s the way I’m going to keep it. Have a great Wednesday.

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