The Sound and The Facelift

Old TypewriterHas it really been that long since I posted anything to my blog? Time just has a way of slipping by doesn’t it? It seems like just a couple of weeks ago when the designs for the new look and feel of were finalized. Now, it’s September. The middle of September, even. Surely it hasn’t been a month since my birthday…

On a different note, I love to officiate football games. It’s a new passion of mine, but man does it eat up time. Hitting the gym, eating right, studying rules, and just attending meetings…you can see where the time goes, right? Okay, so eating right doesn’t really take up all that much time, but it feels like it does. There is no excuse, however, for lagging behind on the writing. I’m hoping that the new counters on the website along with the new look and feel will help me get back on course. I’m planning a “Production Schedule” page for a future release to stick dates on things that I will force myself to follow. More to come on that topic.

I’m very excited to announce an audio version of Tempted is in the works. I’m working with an ultra-talented narrator and, while they are my words, it gives me chills to hear them read aloud by a voice actor as talented as Jordan. I expect that project to finish up in the next couple of weeks, so watch for the announcement in this space.

What do you think of the new web design? I think it’s amazing. Scarlett Rugers is a genius. Drop me a line and share your thoughts!

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