Old TypewriterWell, plants anyway. Be a while yet on the fruit. Yesterday I went to the Farmer’s Market just up the street from my house. It’s a nice walk around the parking lot of a Wells Fargo where stalls are setup selling everything from produce to knife sharpening services. There was even a ‘used electronics collection’ booth there yesterday. Turn in your old Walkman or some such. I usually pick up a few things, but I mostly like just walking around the place and tasting the fruit. Free orange wedges are nothing to be sneezed at…especially when there are several different types to sample. Speaking of sampling, I saw some fresh gold raspberries for the first time. They didn’t have a sampler out on that. I didn’t buy any (no sugar, remember), but I would like to know how they taste.

While walking around the market, I stopped at the stall where they sell seedlings. I mentioned last week that I was going to plant some tomatoes, and she had some really good looking plants. With three of them tucked safely in the backseat of my chariot, I headed for the big orange box. Some potting soil and two types of manure (along with a rat trap…there’s been a rat terrorizing my outdoor grill…but that seems like another blog post altogether) later, I charged up the hill to prepare my little buddies’ new homes. All in all, I think they came out well. This is the point where a decent blog would have pictures, but I forgot to take any before the sun went down. I’ll snap a couple and put them in Wednesday’s blog. I also decided that I’m going to turn one of my square foot garden boxes into a melon patch. I’m going to plant a mound of watermelons and a mound of butternut squash and let them grow like crazy. I think the other one might go back to being an actual garden. When I told the lady at the market that I gave up my regular garden because of the drought here in California, she looked at me like I was nuts. Maybe I’m being too hasty. As long as I hand water and target the plants, I think I can get enough production of it to make the water use worthwhile.

Do any of you garden? It kept me from working on my projects yesterday, but it was worth it. Any favorites? I’ve got a couple of containers left to fill (I’m thinking bush beans…I have plenty of tomatoes), and so I’m looking for ideas. Herbs are good, and I have some rosemary and mint growing in a planter right now. Drop me a line! I love hearing from you. Have a good Monday!

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