Old TypewriterWhat do I know about blogging? I’m not shy, but I am reserved, and that trait has carried over into my internet presence. I’ve never felt the need to post my unvarnished opinions. Even when hiding behind the anonymity that turns a select portion of people who post on message boards and other locations into raving lunatics, I was always very careful about what I typed. I was an early adopter, and I took my username with me from place to place. Back in the dark ages, you built a reputation around yourself based on your comments or messages. At least that’s what I imagined, and that attitude made me very cautious about what I released for the world to read. I think it’s made my internet life a bit boring, and so I’ll try to be more open from this point forward. Now, that’s not to say that I’m going to post unedited rants about the guy that cut me off in traffic this afternoon, but I do promise to not polish everything I say quite as much. Writing, whether it be on a blog or in a book, has to extract something real from you and put it on a page to be any good. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

For the most part, what I write on this blog will be mostly about my writing (shocking to do that in an author blog I know). I’ll discuss my process and what I’m working on at the moment. I realize I’ve only published one book. There is another one in the pipeline, and I’m working on an outline or two. I’m no expert, but if what I write here helps someone, then I’m happy to share. I welcome your questions and comments. After all, what good is a blog if you’re just talking to yourself all the time?

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  1. You mentioned while blogging you took your username from place to place. Is Paul Micheals your username. If no, then how did the pseudonym come about?

    1. Post

      Paul Micheals isn’t my username, no. My pseudonym has been with me forever, though. I came up with it in junior high and have been carrying it around with me just waiting to publish something ever since… 🙂

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